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Meister Abrasives Logo

Meister Wheels 01Meister Abrasives AG are an international manufacturer of innovative industrial abrasive products for high-precision grinding applications.

Their expertise here is on Precision Vitrified Super-Abrasive (CBN, Diamond) Tools as well as the supporting technology with a unique complementary range of dressing tools based on hybrid technology.

Long established as ‘THE’ super-abrasive experts in industries such as Medical, Automotive / Auto-Sport, Aerospace, Bearings, E-Mobility, Surface Treatments etc. Meister wheels and dressing tools can be and are extensively used on all types on Internal, External Grinding, Double Disc Fine Grinding and Honing Applications on all sorts of makes and models of Machines.

Meister Abrasives External Bond InfoExternal Grinding

Meister produce ceramic and hybrid bonded CBN and diamond grinding tools for applications with the highest demands. The tools achieve excellent surface qualities and component geometries for profile plunge grinding, peel-grinding, centerless and general external cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding.
The careful selection of the raw materials to suit the application, results in optimal grinding behaviour and enables the economic design of the process with maximum chip removal volume, tool life, and process reliability.

Meister Internal WheelInternal Grinding

Meister Internal Grinding tools are used in companies and industries worldwide for the grinding of precision components with the highest of tolerance requirements.
Ceramic and hybrid bonded CBN, diamond and conventional grinding wheels are used. The innovative abrasives are used according to their properties in a wide variety of applications. These include grinding Fuel Injection Nozzles, Pump & Gear parts, Roller Bearings, Gears, Valves and many more.

Technology - The perfect Match of Tool and Requirement

Meister Abrasives focus on high-productivity abrasive solutions based on vitrified bonding systems. The accumulation of know-how paved the way for the pioneering breakthrough of the vitrified-bond CBN in 1980 which has become an industry-wide standard for all high-precision large-scale steel machining.

Today, Meister Abrasives manufacture and supply abrasive solutions from the very smallest bore grinding applications of 1.3mm diameter up to surface grinding using 1500mm diameter tools, all to specific customer designs. CBN, Diamond, conventional and Ceralox tools are used depending on the specific application.

More recently, their Hybrid Bond has been added to the technology platform as a complementary technology. This combines the advantages of a porous ceramic structure with the wear resistance of a metal bonded matrix.

The result is a structure which offers both a unique range of dressing tools for the dressing of vitrified abrasive wheels as well as a new generation of grinding tools for machining brittle-hard materials.

Advanced Grinding Supplies Ltd are the exclusive agents and distributors for the complete range of Meister Abrasive Products for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Advanced Grinding Supplies Ltd was appointed from October 2020 as the Exclusive Sole Agents for the complete Meister Abrasives product range for the UK & Irelend. When the Meister Abrasives were looking for a new partner in the UK & Ireland to represent them, the Advanced Grinding Supplies were the perfect fit.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to know how Meister Abrasives products might be able to help you.