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With a built-in Oil Separator the Nimatic 2430E Oil Skimmer returns up to 90% of the skimmed liquid emulsion and removes only the wast oil

Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430EThe Nimatic Oil Skimmer removes tramp oils (hydraulic oil, spindle oil etc.) from the surface of the metalworking fluids / coolant. Tramp oils should always be removed, not only to increase the life of the coolant or metalworking fluids and also increases the life of your cutting tools, but it will also ensure optimal working conditions inside the machine.

The Nimatic 2430E returns up to 90% of the skimmed liquid emulsion and sends only the waste oil out of the waste pipe. This is possible because of the build-in Oil Separator.

Easy and simple installation with magnetic base

The Nimatic 2430E has a magnetic base stand which holds the unit in place on your coolant tank. As well as the 600mm belt supplied with the unit there is a range of other standard belt legths to suit individual requirements. It comes supplied with a power adaptor which you plud directly into the mains and leave it to work.

Delivered “ready to run” with power supply and standard 600mm band

The 2430E is quick and easy to set up and will fit almost every size and type of coolant tank. Once in position and plugged in it removes approximately 3 litres per hour and is almost maintenance free.