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We stock our own range of standard dressing tools using both Natural Diamond and Synthetic inserts like PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposit).

AGS Studer type dressing tools with an MT1 shank

We believe it to be a false economy to use low quality tooling and expect to achieve the highest results. For this reason the Natural Diamonds used in our dressing tools are hand picked and are of the highest quality. We can also offer a full re-lap or repair service on existing dressing tools.

If our standard range of dressing tools do not quite suit your particular application or if you have any special requirements then let us know. We are happy to work with you to design a dressing toos to meet your individual requirements. We can then make you 1 or 2off to 100+.

Do you have an old dressing tool which you have been using for years which has finally come to the end of it's life? It was that long ago since you got it that you just can't remember where it was from. Give us a call, send it to us and we will try to replicate any dressing tool or we can even look at adjusting it slightly to make it work better for you.

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AdGrind D1001 impregnated dressing toolWhether you need a Natural Diamond Chisel Dresser, Fliese Blade DRessing Tool (Fliesen), Cone Type, CVD Log Fliese Blade, CVD or PCD triangle dressing insert, Impregnated Grit or Natural Diamond Cluster Dressing Tool we will almost certainly be able to help you.